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Description: This is an outstanding waterfall series in Walden.  It requires a short hike into the back country to get to it, but it is well worth the effort.  The upper falls are a small set of twin cascades leading to a small pool above the main falls.  The main, middle falls is a 20' drop into a very gorgeous pool lined with stones and pebbles.  The bottom falls is another 20' drop that is a twin falls in lower flow.  This fall varies dramatically by season.  In the spring it is a seething white mass, but in the summer it becomes much more defined, and accommodates swimming and exploration.  In addition, it has one of the most beautiful, and old-fashioned signs you will ever see.


The rustic, red lettered sign amongst the fall foliage.


A view of the two main falls leading to the brook below.


The middle falls in low flow into the serene pool below.


A portrait view of the middle falls and stones in the pool.



A close-up of the colorful bedrock of the middle falls.


The middle and lower falls, highlighting the lower left pool.


A wide shot of the middle and lower falls showing the moss on the right side of the brook.


A close-up of the lower right falls as it crashes down the rocks.


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Chris Hungerford 2009