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New! Vermont Photography by Chris M. Hungerford


New Waterfalls! Cheever Falls, Deep Gibou Falls & Honey Hollow Falls

WCAX (Ch. 3): Destination Recreation Feature with Moss Glen Falls & Bingham Falls



New! Moss Glen Falls & Honey Hollow Falls Desktop Backgrounds (Click to Enlarge)




     Vermont is loaded with beautiful scenery, featuring the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain.  Melding elevation and water, in the form of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, brooks, creeks, that feature waterfalls, cascades, glens, rapids, gorges, and many other natural wonders.  The Vermont Waterfalls site catalogs, describes, and illustrates VT falls like never before.  In addition to the extensive Vermont Waterfall database, there is a resources page for learning more about waterfalls.  I also invite you to send any new VT waterfall information that can help improve the site.  Thanks for visiting, Chris Hungerford.




Counties: Addison | Bennington | Caledonia | Chittenden | Essex | Franklin |  Grand Isle

Lamoille Orange | Orleans | Rutland | Washington | Windham | Windsor | County Map


Location Water Source Waterfall Height
Addison County (9)      
Bristol Baldwin Creek Bristol Memorial Falls 35'
  New Haven River Bartlett Falls 15'
Ferrisburgh Little Otter Creek Little Otter Creek Falls 10'
Granville Deer Hollow Brook Moss Glen Falls 40'
Hancock Robbins Branch Bailey Falls 80'
  Texas Brook Texas Falls 35'
Middlebury Abbey Pond Abbey Pond Cascade 80'
Salisbury Sucker Brook Falls of Lana 100'
Weybridge Beaver Brook Bittersweet Falls (New!) 20'
Bennington County (1)      
Manchester Lye Brook Lye Brook Falls (New!) 125'
Caledonia County (2)      
Hardwick Tucker Brook Jeudevine Falls (New!) 130'
St. Johnsbury Sleepers River Emerson Falls 40'
Walden Steam Mill Brook Cheever Falls (New!) 45'
Chittenden County (8)      
Bolton Joiner Brook The Potholes 40'
Preston Brook Honey Hollow Falls (New!) 60'
Huntington Huntington River Seven Falls 20'
Milton Lamoille River Clarks Falls 15'
  Milton Falls 100'
  Trout Brook Trout Brook Falls (New!) 30'
Richmond Huntington River Huntington Gorge Falls 30'
Winooski Winooski River Winooski Falls 50'
    Winooski Gorge Falls 25'
Essex County (0)      
Franklin County (41)      
Bakersfield Cooks Brook Witchcat Falls 70'
  Ross Brook Ross Brook Falls 50'
  King's Hill Brook King's Hill Brook Falls 30'
Berkshire Pike River Ferland Falls 10'
Pike River Falls 80'
Skunk Hollow Falls (New!) 25'
Tributary, Missisquoi River Tributary Falls 8'
Enosburg Branch, The The Branch Falls 30'
  Missisquoi River Enosburg Falls 15'
Tyler Branch Tyler Branch Falls 10'
Fairfax Lamoille River Fairfax Falls 70'
  Mill Brook Mill Brook Falls 10'
  Stones Brook Stones Brook Falls 15'
Fairfield Black Creek Lower Black Creek Falls 20'
    Upper Black Creek Falls 35'
    Sherman Falls 10'
  Elm Brook Elm Brook Falls 20'
  Fairfield Pond Fairfield Pond Falls 15'
Unnamed Johnny Bull Hill Falls 10'
Unnamed Sweet Hollow Falls 15'
Unnamed Romar Falls 20'
Fletcher Black Creek Fletcher Mountain Falls 50'
Franklin Mill Pond Mill Pond Falls 10'
Georgia Mill River Mill Falls, The 15'
    Mill River Falls 10'
Polly Hubbard Falls 15'
Stone Bridge Brook Stone Bridge Falls 10'
Highgate Hungerford Brook Hungerford Brook Falls 100'
  Missisquoi River Highgate Falls 20'
Montgomery Black Falls Brook Black Falls 20'
Trout River Hutchins Bridge Falls 20'
Three Holes 30'
    Gibou Falls 10'
  West Hill Brook Crystal Falls 20'
    Deep Gibou Falls (New!) 75'
    Hippie Hole Falls 15'
    West Hill Brook Falls 20'
Richford Alder Brook Alder Brook Falls 20'
St. Albans City Steven's Brook Steven's Brook City Falls 10'
St. Albans Town Steven's Brook Steven's Brook Town Falls (New!) 8'
Sheldon Sheldon Falls 20'
Swanton Dead Creek Dead Creek Falls 30'
  Missisquoi River Swanton Falls 10'
Grand Isle County (0)      
Lamoille County (11)      
Cambridge Brewster River Brewster Gorge Falls 45'
Eden Unnamed Watercourse Devil's Gulch Falls (New!) 15'
Jeffersonville Unnamed Watercourse Carwash Falls 80'
Johnson Lamoille River Dog's Head Falls 8'
Morristown Kenfield Brook Terrill Gorge Falls 10'
Stowe Hell Brook Hell Brook Cascades 175'
  Moss Glen Brook Moss Glen Falls (New!) 120'
  Sterling Brook Sterling Brook Falls (New!) 100'
  Waterbury River, W. Br. Bingham Falls (New!) 90'
Wolcott Baldin Brook Baldin Brook Falls 70'
  Wolcott Pond Brook Wolcott Pond Brook Falls (New!) 30'
Orange County (1)      
Fairlee Glen Falls Brook Glen Falls 80'
Strafford Old City Brook Old City Falls 45'
Orleans County (2)      
Barton Willoughby River Willoughby River Falls 10'
Troy Missisquoi River Bakers Falls 50'
    Big Falls 40'

Rutland County (5)

Mendon North Br. Eddy Brook McLaughlin Falls 30'
Poultney Poultney River Poultney River Falls (New!) 20'
Proctor Otter Creek Sutherland Falls (New!) 100'
Rutland Otter Creek Old Falls 20'
Sherburne Thundering Brook Baker's Falls 150'
Washington County (4)      
Marshfield Marshfield Brook Marshfield Falls 120'
Warren Mad River Warren Falls 20'
Woodbury Cooper Brook Woodbury Falls 35'
Worcester Winooski River, N. Br. North Branch Falls 15'
Windham County (4)      
East Putney East Putney Brook East Putney Brook Falls 50'
Jamaica Cobb Brook Hamilton Falls 125'
  North Branch Brook Pikes Falls 20'
Westminster Saxton's River Twin Falls 25'
Windsor County (3)      
Cavendish Black Street Cavendish Gorge Falls 75'
Ludlow Branch Brook Buttermilk Falls 35'
Weathersfield Ascutney Brook Cascade Falls 80'


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Chris Hungerford 2010